Welcome from the Principal

As the Principal of Southside Kindergarten I am delighted to introduce our curriculum and extend an invitation to visit the school and experience it in operation.

In the Dalton tradition we group our children into “houses” based primarily on age. Houses are named after the animals of the Chinese zodiac. Each house has a head teacher and one or two associate teachers, typically looking after sixteen to eighteen children.

Additional teachers are employed to focus on specialist subjects like Putonghua, Arts & Craft and Music. In addition to a bright, air-conditioned indoor play area we have a large outdoor play area immediately above the school on a terrace that also has a commanding outlook over Repulse Bay Beach to the South China Sea.

The overall curriculum complies with the Foundation Stage of the UK National Curriculum. However, our progressive model of education is evident in all our activities. Teachers implement hands-on, experiential activities to enable children to acquire essential skills, engage in creative thinking, broaden knowledge and deepen understanding.

We essentially adopt a Vygotskian approach to early childhood learning. Consequently, play is used as a primary learning activity. This constructive use of play is one of the two main differences between our approach, and that of a typical Montessori school (the other relates to the role of language in development – parents interested to learn more are recommended to read “Tools of the Mind” by Elena Bodrova and Deborah J. Leong).

Our approach is highly individualised, and has a strong focus on the development of what we often refer to as “life skills”. They are self-regulation, deliberate memory and focused attention. These are the underlying cognitive skills that are often used by reception teachers at primary schools to judge the performance of their students’ previous kindergartens.

We are proud of what we do, and look forward to showing you around the school. At that time we can also explain how we would work closely with you to ensure your child receives all the support needed in these critical early years.

 Alison Sewell