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Southside Owner

As Southside Kindergarten's founder and supervisor I am delighted to welcome you to our website and provide a brief introduction.

Founded in 2000, Southside is an independent, co-educational kindergarten in Repulse Bay.

Southside is recognised within Hong Kong for its caring, innovative, and highly individualised approach to the education of preschoolers. We teach in English, but provide exposure to Mandarin on a daily basis with an option for additional classes. Southside children typically progress to Hong Kong's leading international schools.

Parents usually choose to enrol their children into either morning or afternoon sessions, and subsequently attend an extended day class when they are four and five years old. During the extended day period we make use of Sylvan's Beginning Reading and Early Mathematics programmes to ensure children are well-prepared for primary school.

Our educational philosophy is rooted in the works of Helen Parkhurst and Lev Vygotsky. However, it has been heavily influenced by subsequent refinements of the Dalton Plan and developments such as those documented in "Tools of the Mind". Like all professionals, we are constantly learning, and adapting our methods.

Parents are strongly encouraged to arrange visits to Southside, and other kindergartens, before making their choice of preferred school. What matters most is not the words in a website, but the intuitive feel that parents, and their children, can experience when visiting a school.

I look forward to your visit, and an opportunity for us to discover whether Southside is the right choice for your child.


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At Southside we follow the Foundation Stage of the UK National Curriculum. However, our progressive model of education is evident in all our activities. Teachers implement hands-on, experiential activities to enable children to acquire essential skills, engage in creative thinking, broaden knowledge, and deepen understanding.

We  adopt a Vygotskian approach to early childhood learning, and play is used as a primary learning activity. The constructive use of play is one of the two main differences between our approach, and that of a typical Montessori school (the other relates to the role of language in development – parents interested to learn more are recommended to read “Tools of the Mind” by Elena Bodrova and Deborah J. Leong).

Our approach is highly individualised, and has a strong focus on the development of what we often refer to as “life skills” (self-regulation, deliberate memory and focused attention). Life skills are the underlying cognitive skills that are often used by reception teachers at primary schools to judge the performance of their students’ previous kindergartens.

We are proud of what we do, and look forward to showing you around the school where we can further explain how we would work closely with you to ensure your child receives all the support needed in these critical early years. Until then, you can gain a sneak peak into our curriculum by clicking on the buttons below.

Extended Day

Open to all children three years old and above, even those who don't attend Southside in the morning, our Extended Day programme provides the perfect platform to prepare young learners for entry into primary school. It presents a unique experience that builds confidence, resilience, and new skill sets, serving as a gentle introduction to a more formalised learning environment.

Through careful observation and exposure to different skills, we determine exactly what each child needs to extend their learning; whether it be cognitive, language, or social. Each daily session includes an hour of individualised instruction, equally split between Mathematics and English, and an additional half hour of Mandarin.

To learn more about the Extended Day programme and enrol your child


Southside Kindergarten is located within The Repulse Bay, a charming colonial building constructed on the site of the former The Repulse Bay Hotel. From its privileged position in the eastern wing of the upper terrace, it enjoys commanding views of the South China Sea.

The oasis of tranquility and nostalgia houses an appealing range of shops, restaurants, and professional service providers. It is also one of Hong Kong's most attractive locations for wedding banquets.

The four associated residential towers comprise one of the most recognised apartment buildings in the world, courtesy of a much-photographed "feng shui" hole. The complex and the serviced apartments are managed by Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, the manager of The Peninsula Hotel.

The Repulse Bay is easily accessible by car or taxi and has ample parking facilities. It is also serviced by many busses as well as the new South Island Line of the MTR.

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Southside is committed to an open, fair, and transparent admissions policy. There are no academic admissions tests, and the bypassing of waitings lists by means of debentures or donations is not possible. Parents are therefore encouraged to apply well in advance to avoid disappointment.


We look forward to hearing from you and helping you along this exciting journey.

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